Saturday, January 26, 2008

my week

'twas a hectic week and there was definitly no blogging didnt start badly tho'...its just this gives me no time for anything else, but the Lord knows i,m not complaining...a good number of people would give anything to be in my the record once again.....I'M GRATEFUL!

HEATH LEDGER passed away on tuesday(remember, that handsome handsome dude in "THE PATRIOT,the shy cowboy in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN who was in a dilemma about his sexuality?)..and boy...i'm still so pained.......its hard to beleive all of that talent will be laid to rest in a few days...........

i didnt know he was only 28............he achieved so much in such a short while...i really wish he could have stuck around for much longer. They're saying maybe it was an accidental overdose; though the preliminary autopsy is inconclusive and they found no abnormal traces of the sleeping aids in his body....

Well, he struck me as a pretty decent heart goes out to his family, his daughter matilda and his ex-fiancee;mother of his daughter ...michelle williams who must be grieving deeply at this time....

abeg, this whole gbenga-moji Obasanjo issue is so sickening and disgusting i refuse to blog about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

the days flew by till it was friday...i was so releived..i mean even tho i had this crazy-ass assignment to take home with me, i didnt mind ..

At least on weekends, i get an extra 2 - 4 hours of sleep.

Friday night was lowkey but cool...saw a movie with boyfy....tho it was one i'd seen before (AMERICAN GANGSTER)...need i say Denzel is still the man??!!!!!)

and here i am on saturday night, doing this lousy asssignment and blogging...thank God for lil mercies...

i better go to bed now else i'll be late for service...cee ya!

Monday, January 21, 2008



For those of us fans of Tatiana Durao, its was nice to see these pictures of her....she still looks soooo good.......

Obviously, Richard lost the chance of a lifetime...(not that i'm not a fan of "till death do us part") but i simply cannot have respect for a woman who would take richard back after all the love affair cum scandals of BBA II...whatever...i wish RICHRICKI the best...

now to the queen of BBAII, while i thot she overdid it...especially the sleeping part, Tati was definitely my most fav housemate...
I wanted Offunemama to win sha (afterall, "Arise o compatriots".....)
but i was quite dissappointed when i saw the FINGERGATE video.....
(drunk or not) she wasnt really better than Tati afterall....................

anyway, BBA II is long gone but here's wishing m'lady outstanding success in her modelling career..she certainly deserves it..


Usher's father, Usher Terry Raymond passed away Friday, January 18 at Atlanta Georgia of unspecified causes.

media reported that usher, his wife Tameka and his mother were at his fathers bedside when he breathed his last.

Although usher's parents split shortly after he was born and Terry Raymond battled a long standing battle with cocaine addiction,he managed to keep in touch with his son (usher) throughout....


BEYONCE REPORTEDLY PREGNANT(not yet confirmed....)

sources close to Bee say she's been knocked up(crude way to put it! (lol) ) by Jay Z and trying to keep it a secret.....

The source also claims both were secretly married last month in Paris though they refuted it. The problem is we already heard dis rumour several times so we dont know what to beleive...


Thursday, January 17, 2008



Eddie murphy just released this public Statement.
“After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided that we will forego having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define our relationship further. While the recent symbolic union in Bora Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect that we have for one another on a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends.”
By several accounts, Eddie Murphy and his “wife” of two weeks, Tracey Edmonds, had a very volatile relationship, which makes the official statement announcing their breakup seem laughable.
The pair wed in a symbolic ceremony New Year’s Day in an island near Bora Bora, but the wedding was not legally binding.
Things for the newlyweds got off to a very rocky start.
“Eddie started yelling at Tracey in front of people,” one of Edmonds’s wedding guests tells People magazine. “He did it on a few occasions and it was very embarrassing.”
The pair reportedly got into a HUGE fight just two days ago.
“It was ugly,” a fiend tells Life & Style. “They never officially moved in together and apparently never had a civil ceremony.”
The insider adds that Eddie seemed “very controlling


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

.......................just doodling

been very busy these past days...........
a colleague of mine has gone on vacation and i have to do his job........tough? yeah...but what can a working gal do?
(short of aristoing(which is definitely not an option), a sista's gotta work......
anyway,its not been so least i'm learning something new....

sometimes tho, i wonder how i'll manage when i start a family......i sincerely hope the oil company job would have come thru' then oo....wait a minute! did I say hope? I PRAY, IN FACT,I BEG MY FATHER IN HEAVEN........that something fantastic monetary wise with less hours would have come up....(yeah! I dare to dream..cos they do come true)....

not that many people have seen my blog,but i refuse to be melancholy about that...i'lll just try some more to direct traffic those who've posted a comment, thanks...i'm encouraged...

and y'all...............remember to take time out of your crazy schedules(beleive me..i know what that means) drop by and see what's up..


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

if there's one celeb i'm scared for, it'll have to be Amy Winehouse....
There is no doubt that she deserves the trophee of Fashion Disaster of the year which she was awarded recently by fashion Guru Mister Blackwell.
The Troubled soul singer revealed her Hideous new look and her platinum locks, as she popped to pal Kelly Osbourne’s new pad for Sunday lunch....


...........she definitely had it coming................

The court ruled that there will be no change to Britney Spears‘ This ruling is a result exclusively of what Commisioner Gordon heard and had before him at the end of the court day,” a court officer said at a press conference Monday afternoon.
There is another court hearing scheduled for February 19th.
Until then, there is a possibility that Britney could see her kids if her lawyers ask for an emergency hearing before the 19th and a change is made to visitation at that time.
The court officer expressed displeasure with Spears’ lack of communication with the sheriff’s department.current visitation to her two children on Monday.

Britney was not required to be at court on Monday. She showed up but left without entering the courtroom.
After leaving court Britney her manager and her paparazzo boyfriend went straight to a nearby church!!!
She probably went there to thank God for answering her prayers:Now she is free and can party, drink and drug herself as much as she likes!!!!.......

my prayers are with her tho...cos i really loved the days of "oops! i did it again!"

Monday, January 14, 2008



Come sunday the 20th of this month, pastor E.A. Adeboye will be ministering at COD.....

this is inviting all and sundry.....

make it a date with GOD and you'll be glad you did!

AND ON THE LOCAL SCENE..............................

OMOTOLA WANTS TO MAKE MARRIAGE omot's interview courtesy
Are U getting younger or what?” is a question that often comes up when people look at your photos online. Is there some kind of secret somewhere?
OMOTOLA: (LAUGHING) First, I want to say thank you for having the faith in this industry, to stay by us, tear us down, pull us up. It’s all part of the package, you know. It gets us to work harder. That’s why you do it.
Now to answer your question… Ahem, Omotola…I’m a very crazy person, so you really need to be very crazy in your mind to keep up. I think the most beautiful women today in entertainment are like very crazy. You talking about Demi Moore… Madonna. These are people that are always re-inventing themselves. They’re the people who know that their looks are very very important in their career. I know that and I made up my mind to have my babies in good time after God favored me to get married in good time.
I think God has done so much for me and I’d be so silly to mess it up. If God has allowed me to have my kids in good time when I could get back to shape, what reason would I have for not getting back to shape? So, I do all the best I can. I work out. I watch what I eat. Looking good is a lot of discipline. Everybody tells you “you don’t have to do so much, I don’t do so much” – it’s not true. Especially when you’ve had kids. Before you have kids, your body is not expanded, so you can eat all you want. You can do this and you might not add weight. But after you’ve had kids and your body has expanded, your body has been told that you have the ability to go this much, so any little lead you give it, your body thinks “oh yes, it’s time for me to grow that much” (LAUGHING). And it just keeps growing.
Definitely, after babies, you really need to watch your weight. Basically, I do that, I work out. I have a very big gym in my house. I hardly go there, but one thing I do to compensate for my not working out (regularly) in the gym is walking. I do a lot of walking and when I’m walking, you don’t see me cat-walking. I walk like – A soldier?
OMOTOLA: Yeah. I walk and I move my hips a lot because if you’re going to look at my hips, you’ll (think) she’s swinging. You don’t know I’m exercising. I’m doing that because I know I have to … I flex my muscles and I tighten them up. Every place I find myself, I try to exercise somehow. I might be sitting down and talking to you and I’m just moving my neck, because I know that every little time I do any little thing, it adds to me. It won’t remove (anything) from me, so why don’t I just do it, instead of just sitting numb, doing nothing?
And then I try not to use any harsh anything on myself. In the short run, it might look like okay, some other people are more beautiful that you and they use all the creams and everything and they look like wow! People are looking at you like …(SHE MAKES A FACE TO SUGGEST “NOT SO HOT”) But in the long run, it doesn’t always work with them. But when you take it natural, in the short run it might not look like it’s happening, but in the long run, yeah.
I use a lot of moisturizers because in Nigeria, the weather is very very hot. I don’t really misuse them, but in Nigeria you have to use a lot of moisturizers. I’m naturally blessed. I don’t have to bleach anything. And like I said, I watch what I eat and I’m not going to lie about that. I don’t eat beef. I hardly eat chicken and when I do, I don’t eat the skin. Same for turkey. Funny enough, I’m not so much of a fish person – So what exactly do you eat?
OOMOTOLA: I love seafood like crazy. I love Chinese. I eat a lot of Chinese. I know Chinese food is like healthy… I eat a lot of sea food. Some sea food are a little fattening, you know, but somehow I get by. You know what I do? Sometimes I skip meals, so if I eat so much today, tomorrow, I’m going to go on fruits. When you do that, you feel healthier. And then I take Vitamin E everyday and Folic Acid… Just little things, all natural. How did you pick up this knowledge of what to do and not do, eat and not eat?
OMOTOLA: I researched because I wanted to know. I’m crazy about magazines. In my house, I have a whole library. My husband keeps going “. I’m like honey, you don’t to scream at me because this is my job (LAUGHING) Every month, I spend so much money buying every magazine there is under the sun. How do you create time to read them?
OMOTOLA: I do. Ah, I do because I know that a whole lot of my future depends on it, kind of… it’s the kind of information I need, you know? I get a lot of tips from everybody. I was reading a magazine – I think Hello – this month and I saw a tip on what Beyonce does with her nose. Now, it’s not like I didn’t know about it before, but it was a little bit more in-depth and the fact that they talked about her and they showed exactly how she it… if I hadn’t bought the magazine, I probably wouldn’t have seen it. I could buy all the books in the world, but I wouldn’t have seen Beyonce in that way. So, I think those magazines mean so much to me. I buy them all the time. I read them all the time. It expands my knowledge. What is it about Beyonce’s nose? There’s nothing wrong with your nose…
OMOTOLA: (LAUGHING) Sometimes, you just want your nose to look slimmer, more pointed and all that – Your nose is perfect.
OMOTOLA: (LAUGHING) Thank you. We girls, you know… Girls never feel like they’re perfect. No matter how pretty you are, you just feel like “Ah, if only…” (LAUGHING). That’s just the way it is. You look at something and you say “Ah, my nails… I wish this thing here was not there”. You just always want to better what you have. But it’s okay, because in the long run, it makes you feel like there’s something you still need to do and it makes you love yourself.
I think basically, the first beauty tip you must have is you must really love yourself. I mean people read what I say and all that and they’re like “Omotola, I think you’re too full of yourself”. Whatever. But I love myself. God knows I love myself. And I don’t think there’s anybody that’s just as good as me. There can’t be anybody prettier than me, come on (LAUGHING). So, after all these, I just look at myself and … I’m beautifully created. Anything I want to do, its like oh yes, this is going to be just nice. I’m always thinking of what next to do to make myself feel good and I feel good all the time. So, it comes first from your heart. You have to really love yourself, appreciate yourself and look in the mirror and say wow, I’m beautiful. And then you look in the mirror and say wow, I’ve lost weight. Jesus! I’m looking good all the time. Funny enough, I don’t know if it’s psychological or anything, but it happens. True. And on your down days, everyone should stay out of your way? (HER PHONE RINGS) Do you still call your husband “honey boy”?
OMOTOLA: (LAUGHING) That’s what I call him. How did the name come about?
OMOTOLA: I don’t know. I think it was the Holy Spirit that gave it to me. I don’t know. You guys are very close.
OMOTOLA: Yeah. He’s my best friend. That’s always very good in a marriage. I always think you should marry your friend who you also love, rather than marry your love who is not your friend.
OMOTOLA: Yeah, it’s very important. In fact, if you don’t love the person, and the person is your best friend, I think it’s still okay. Sometimes, love just doesn’t hold it down… what is love anyway? You’re happy?
OMOTOLA: Yeah. He makes you happy?
OMOTOLA: Definitely. What matters most is that he respects me. He’s loving and caring. He’s God-filled. Even if you’re not there, you’re not afraid because you know this person… He probably is doing whatever he’s doing with the fear that there is someone there that he truly loves and cares for. And that’s good.
. . Okay, let me leave your family. Who is “Omosexy”? OMOTOLA: Wow! (GENERAL LAUGHTER). My husband gave me that name. He gave me “OmoT” and everybody started calling “OmoT”, so he changed to "Omosexy", and everybody started me "Omosexy". I think everybody got to know "Omosexy" because my Jeep's name plate is "Omosexy". Let’s go back to Omosexy now. Do you think the word “sexy” should be used to qualify a mother and wife?
OMOTOLA: A-ha, why not? Why not? People have this… I want to change things. In fact, I’m on a (course) for revolution. People feel like oh, you’re married. You should be sluggish. When people see you, marriage should just be written around you. You don’t even need to see my ring or I tell you I’m a Mrs. You must be married, right? You know that kind of stuff? Times have changed, thanks to Omotola. (LAUGHING). That ain’t gonna happen with me. Definitely not. I mean it doesn’t change who I am. Its not gonna change what I believe. In fact, if anything, its going to enhance it. This is what I want to do. I want to make marriage glamorous. A lot of ladies are very scared of marriage. They tell you, oh yeah, I would really love to be married and be with a man and have kids and everything, but my career… that has got to change. I want to prove a point that you can be very married, have your beautiful children and a responsibility to them, and still be hot. In conclusion, say something to your international audience.
OMOTOLA: Oh my God, I love them so much. I thank them for all their support, for their kindness… My fans cut across everybody: the babies, young girls – you’d think young girls would be like ugh, what’s the big deal about her? Most times, you always have your fans to be the opposite sex. Its really nice. I really love that. And then guys… You have women and older people who go “omo mi” (TRANSLATION: my daughter). So, its nice. I love everybody and I thank them all. And I want them to keep praying for me, you know, because its not easy. Its easy for you to slip and lose it, but when you know there are people watching you, praying for you, who are always with you, encouraging you…You can sit tight and say yeah, if for nothing else, I’m not going to let these people down. I just want to thank them. I want to tell them I won’t let them down.

Bey, Jay, and Kanye shared some giggles at the Nets vs. the Supersonics game some night lst week....
Bey looks so cute when she's just chilling...…i kinda prefer this look to when she's all dolled up..talking about kanye, its nice to know the grieving young man still knows how to have a good time!
and are bonnie and clyde ever gonna get married??with them debunking the marriage rumours and all, i wonder if and when they'll take d plunge...(a prenup might just be d answer to their fears)............


I'm told sex & the city's kim should hide her cottage cheese thighs.......but plsss i didnt say sooooooo oo!(far be it from me!!!)

notexactly a fantastic look tho...

Nicole Richie popped out a baby girl today at Cedars in Los Angeles. They have named her Harlow Winter Kate Madden
her spokesperson said, “The beautiful healthy baby girl left the hospital with her ecstatic parents.”
On the same day,christina aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman were blessed with a baby boy!!!
i really loved seeing nicole pregnant...she looked so healthy and not like her usual bulimic anorexic self.(no offense meant)...hope she doesnt revert to staus quo! for christina, babaygal's keeping it soooo much together....marriage obviously does agree with her..its a pity i cant say the same for ..........(we all know who!)


Nicolas Sarkozy’s fiancee Carla Bruni is rumoured to be pregnant, it was claimed yesterday.The former supermodel - who has been dating the French president for less than two months - has had the pregnancy confirmed by doctors in Paris, it was reported.
The couple reportedly met at a party on November 23, only a month after the president divorced his second wife Cecilia, and are said to be getting married on February 9.
Here's wishing them all d best and hoping they'll live happily ever after...........abi?

Friday, January 11, 2008


anyone there?
ok..i'll just assume someone somewhere is going to read this!
did i just rhyme?...dont y'all get ur hopes up...dis chick is no rapper (lol)

anyway, dis is stuff i've wanted to do for a while now....just kept procrastinating and procrastinating(some lousy habit i'm working hard to rid myself of)..afterall ITS A NEW YEAR!! full name's TEMILOLUWA FALASINNU...
i'm not sure u'd want to try pronouncing if u a'int Yoruba...if u are, you might still wanna exercise some caution!(lol)
anyway, TEMI for short...dats simple enuf i'm told...

i'm xx yrs old...i hope this year drags so i can be xx for much longer...(its really getting tiresome now...everyone wants to know when they'll be getting an iv!)

I work in a bank...i dont exactly like to say i'm a banker cos..well, except for an MBA in view...all i have is a first degree in biochemistry..(not exactly related fields..i'm sure u'd agree!)

alright....more info and pictures later...