Tuesday, January 15, 2008

...........she definitely had it coming................

The court ruled that there will be no change to Britney Spears‘ This ruling is a result exclusively of what Commisioner Gordon heard and had before him at the end of the court day,” a court officer said at a press conference Monday afternoon.
There is another court hearing scheduled for February 19th.
Until then, there is a possibility that Britney could see her kids if her lawyers ask for an emergency hearing before the 19th and a change is made to visitation at that time.
The court officer expressed displeasure with Spears’ lack of communication with the sheriff’s department.current visitation to her two children on Monday.

Britney was not required to be at court on Monday. She showed up but left without entering the courtroom.
After leaving court Britney her manager and her paparazzo boyfriend went straight to a nearby church!!!
She probably went there to thank God for answering her prayers:Now she is free and can party, drink and drug herself as much as she likes!!!!.......

my prayers are with her tho...cos i really loved the days of "oops! i did it again!"

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moimoi said...

what can i say? she had it coming