Sunday, October 12, 2008


i was so blessed by this piece; i had to share it.....

You are greater than your past.
You are stronger than any minute of failure .
You can rise like smoke up a chimney; you were meant to spiral to the sky.
All the chilling drafts of broken promises should not deny you the gift of life
Never forget that you are alive - sometimes weak, sometimes strong but alive
You will be right some mornings and wrong some nights, but dont stop waking up in the morning
The morning is God's gift of another chance to pass the exam

He has kissed you gently, tenderly but definitely
It is not the urgent kiss of a desperate lover who makes demands in the night
He has kissed you with the gentle kiss of a fathers fervour whose tendencies would shield you from thetrauma of the past.
You have been kissed by the father himself.
No wonder Satan has failed to destroy in the night what God prepared for the light.
You have been kissed!

This is what you have to know if you are to withstand the darkness
This is what you must rehearse against the goblins of old images and past memories that would assault your dreams and turn them into nightmares
Just as sure as a father's kiss would ease a nervous child trying to rest in a strange place, God's kiss is a sedative for you....

No matter how foreign this place in your life may seem, u must know he prepared you for it.
When he kissed you, he shielded you and you are his.
Safe and secure, you may rest in the sanctity and safety of his arms that will not fail you.
A good night kiss is his way of sealing you till the morning...and it will come; it will not tarry.

The morning is yours...spend it well, use it sparingly; it is a gift.
The morning is for the hopeful not the regretful..It is expectation..
It is the future lying naked before you...
Daybreak in the frsh hours of new oppourtunity just created.
It is an empty tomb and a filled manger.
It is life, love and hope.......

Never forget about the breaking of day. It will come.
Nights will pass, tears will dry and enemies will leave..
but you'll arise in the morning!!!!!!

by TD Jakes &
culled from Woman thou art loosed Bible


Anonymous said...

dis piece is truly inspirational...
salve for my many wounds..


chi9ja said...

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adaeze said...

"This is what you must rehearse against the goblins of old images and past memories that would assault your dreams and turn them into nightmares"

my dear, talk about "old images" and "past memories"....
the message of this piece is fantastic..and i'm so grateful to be reminded that it doesnt matter where i've been or what has happened to me...i can still be the best dat i was created to be!

i'm encouraged...

tinymediagh said...

do more of this..beleive me you will not imagine how many people you will actually make thier day....i k now quite a lof of pple dont read the bible, they need pple to bring out extracts and give to them , i do not support that though, just that it might jkust be what is needed to make them go read the bible r u today?